SODIAL card arrives

SODIAL card arrives

2018, Mar 23    

In a surprise turn of events today, the Sodial SATA card that I ordered nearly 2 months ago decided to arrive to day.

Prodigal SATA card.
The Prodigal SATA card returns.

I’m having mixed feelings. On the one hand, it presents a alternative to the SiL3114 chipset cards that I’ve been using up until now: one that died without warning after 1 week and the other that won’t work unless it rewrites the MBR on my drives making them useless. It’s a VIA chipset, so that could be welcome change.

On the other hand, the card cost £5. It’s a cheapie. It also only supports 2 SATA ports (it says 4, but one is IDE and I suspect the you can only use 2 of the other 3 at one time).

When the 6th drive comes back from Komplett, I’ll have to plug in in and give it a test drive, as right now I’m not in a hurry to put more than one drive on that SiL3114 card.