FreeNAS + Plex + everything working == not productive

FreeNAS + Plex + everything working == not productive

2018, Mar 30    

I’ve decided to wait for a bit. My brain needs to catch up. My study is a mess. I need to add up how much money I’ve spent. My wife is on holiday and I have to look after the dogs - being a single parent is a new and upsetting challenge for me. AND, I didn’t learn from my mistakes last time - I have a whole lot of data on the move that I don’t want to interrupt.

The OCD is strong with this one

So time to take stock.

Or in my case it’s time to get distracted by a great many things.

The first kind of distraction is watching rsync logs. It’s a wonderful thing to see progress, to see the netdata graph staying nice and solid at 10x the value it was previously, to tail /var/log/messages and see all the files float by. Literally hours of my life spent looking at the consolidation happening.

The next kind of distraction is movie collection that’s been building in a weird, organic way for the last few years. That collection includes:

  • a great many photography tutorials from the likes of Creative Live and Lynda
  • many episodes of ‘All Creatures Great and Small’
  • a series of lectures my Kent Hovind aka Dr Dino. I can’t really explain why I held onto these, apart from a feeling of horrified fascination that I can’t seem to shake. It’s a bit like watching pimple squeezing youtube videos - you know that what you’re watching is a reality for somebody out there, and you’re just so happy it’s not you.
Then God Created: Tax Evaders!!
Dr Dino

So, as you can imaging, with a working Plex server, it would be super to have this videos available on demand. And that’s how hours and hours of frustrating but pleasurable organising, sorting and renaming happen. I can watch Kent Hovind on demand now, which was definitely a hole that’s been filled in my life now.

The last and final thing that’s eaten hours of what could have been productive time is this little guilty pleasure:

Grey and the gang
McSteamy, McDreamy and the gang

Yes. Queue the fake blood, tears, drama, rule breaking, complaining, sexual innuendos, plastic cadavers, stupid relationships, soppy surgical simulations, bad medicine, unrealistic decisions, repetitive stories: all that true but, again, much like Mr Hovind and a Big Mac, you just can’t stop at one.

At some point I’ll get back to real work. Right now I’m comfortable on the couch, with the dogs, waiting for my wife to get back from her holidays.

Look at the pretties!
Spring in Powerscourt

About the picture:

This photo was taken in Powerscourt in Spring 2018.