Some thank yous

  • My wife for being awesome and humouring me when I want to write blogs and build NAS’s
  • The guy/lady who made this theme: Flexible Jekyll
  • The author of Practical Reason for keeping me interested in blogging, jekyll, writing, rabbit holes, Amigas, and just about everything.
  • The good folks who write open source software every - yes even the guys the SystemD guys. You all make the world a better place.
  • Some of the Icons made by Vectors Market from is licensed by CC 3.0 BY
  • Michael Rose and his amazing Minumal mistakes website, in particular the figure include.
  • The cool lightbox code from Github/Lokesh
  • My friend Shane who has supplied services as a hardware consultant, hardware supplier, sounding board, demonstrator and receptive ear over a pint.
  • Tom Johnson over at idratherbewriting, the author of many awesome things, but mainly the documentation theme that is an awesome panoply of Jekyll, html and css knowledge.