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Small ideas and notes that aren’t really worth writing a whole huge post about.

Bargain hardware vs Apple Mac price comparison.

Wouldn’t it be cool if someone did a price comparison of what’s available on Bargain Hardware and the apple mac store?

Take the Brakes off time capsule backups

sysctl debug.lowpri_throttle_enabled=0

Monitoring a FreeBSD machine

  • setting up influx DB
  • remote graphite server in FreeBSD -

Make a port!

  • make a port for Telegraf and Chronograf to get the ticstack running on FreeBSD!

Installing packages directly on FreeNS

# by accident I enabled the freebsd repos on the freenas server.

Bhyve - Centos EUFI woes.

The only Centos 7 ISO image that works with Bhyve is the ‘Everything’

Picture description

Bhyve ubuntu MBR

On FreeNAS 11 Update 2 you run into a problem whereby Bhyve looks for the boot image in the wrong place. Well - when I say wrong, it’s just wrong right now given that every distro seems to be different and the UEFI spec is a moving target. So no disrespect to the Bhyve devs.

grub-install --efi-directory=/boot/efi --boot-directory=/boot --removable

Actually, I think this is post worthy. Details:

Format and Mount a USB drive with UFS



dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/da1 bs=1m count=128

Create fs:

newfs -L usbdisk -O2 -U -m 6 /dev/da0


mount /dev/ufs/usbdisk /mnt

Installing stuff on FreeNAS with ansible

Nice example using the sshjail connection plugin -